Friday, January 27, 2012

House tour

I'm starting to get anxious to get settled in our new home. Closing is not until the end of February and we won't move until March. I complained about poor photos from the realtors when we were looking at a house. It's more difficult than it looks! Here's some photos while we wait-the best I could do during the house inspection with 2 Lambs "helping" me take photos.

I listened to the Loopers that recommended white kitchen cupboards.

Pantry at end of kitchen in photo above

Eating area-back door to patio

Coat hooks near garage door

3 car garage


School Room by front door

Steps to upstairs (small landing and then you turn up more steps)
Our volunteers that help us move are going to love this part!

Lambs bedroom-upstairs

Ram and Ewe bedroom across hall from Lambs bedroom

Master bathroom

Another photo of master bathroom

Master closet

Lambs playroom-finally a place for Legos!-Upstairs


Guest room-please come visit us!-Upstairs

Laundry room-upstairs by bedrooms

Lambs/Guest bathroom-Upstairs

Backyard-we need a fence before construction begins on the lot behind us
The lot behind us is the last unbuilt house on our block


Cheryl said...

Nice! And so exciting!

Glenda said...

Very nice! I can see why your anxious. Enjoy! And maybe one day we can see it in person.

Dakotapam said...

Very nice! A little bit of house envy! It is a sellers market here, but if we were to sell we'd never be able to afford anything. so we just love on our little old house!

The Mama said...

Wow, it's beautiful!