Monday, January 2, 2012


When I was straight out of college, a new second grade teacher, I purchased a book from the book order. I read it to my class most of the years I was teaching in the classroom during the month of December.
I had not read this book to the Lambs before this Christmas as I thought it was a little long for them. I read The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree to the Lambs the other night. I couldn't make it through without crying.
I never had cried when I read it in the classroom. What was different this time? The sacrifice that the mother in the book made to make sure that her daughter had the perfect Christmas even though it was wartime. I'm now a Ewe and I would do the same as this mother if circumstances were similar for my Lambs.
Although I highly recommend this book, I recommend reading it to yourself first before reading it aloud to your children.

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joelle said...

I have this issue with different books or things in movies or on tv. Especially when it has to do with parenting. I think we all become softies when we're parents :)