Monday, January 23, 2012


The amount of cents that a postage stamp went up.
The amount of days that I went to buy stamps and missed getting the cheaper price.

I miss living in a small town where there was a sign on the post office to announce postage stamp increases and I went there daily to pick up my mail so I saw those signs. Sigh.

*I know there are now FOREVER stamps, but I was trying to use up some old stamps I found and I was proud of myself for getting the right amount on the envelopes ready to mail without buying 1 cent stamps. Now I need 1 cent stamps. Sigh.

On the bright side those 32 cent stamps I found will mail a postcard now. I won't think about being able to mail a letter for that price when I was in college.

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Anonymous said...

When our Grandma Frieda was born, it cost only 2 cents to mail a letter! (of course, it also took longer to get there) When I was born, it was only 15 cents. However, for a few years, when I was first excited about sending mail to add cheer to people's days, it cost a quarter; so mostly, I remember when I could give Daddy $1 and he would give me 4 stamps from his box.
I like the speed of email, but def. still send snail-mail often. It is more personal, and this is important to help keep future rates as low as possible!
Everyone should send five letters next week - or REAL Valentines this year.