Monday, January 30, 2012

Just another day off

Here's what we did on Ram's day off today.

Did dishes.
Did 3 loads of laundry.
Made and ate brunch.
3 loads of cardboard to the transfer station (the place where the trash truck goes to dump their load and be separated and sent to the landfill-the Lambs went along and watched each time-just like the book we read about trash!) The city gave free unlimited trash the week after Christmas but not recycling-we're still dealing with the boxes from moving here in November and putting a few out every two weeks wasn't enough even though many of our boxes are still packed and in the garage.
post office-buy one cent stamps
get refund for egg cartons
Sears-replace Lamb jeans with holes in them
Target in big city-among other things in my organization of DVDs project, I chose some VHS movies that we like that should be replaced with DVDs or Blu-Rays-happy to find some on my list for just $5.
Costco-went for butter and rice milk and spent $125 on groceries
Lowes-checked out what the deal on installing blinds, garage door openers, and fences for the new house, would have bought some things for the new house there that we didn't need measurements for but the Lambs were hungry
Ram restaurant-ate out with Lamb kid club coupon making their meals affordable
Target in our town-wanted a movie that was empty spot on shelf at other Target so checked this Target and was glad they had it-unbelievable that I can shop at two Targets in the same day after living 1 1/2 hours away from a Target before.
Grocery store-stocked up on groceries
Put Lambs to bed
Discovered the sausage we bought was expired so sent Ram back to get money back and then he went to another store and bought more sausage.
Ram had to stop and get Starbucks for Ram and Ewe on the way home from the store using a gift card he got for filling out a survey.
Time for bed after being sick this weekend with a sore throat and Ram is getting ready to go to MN for Doxology next week. We promised the Lambs no shopping next weekend after a long day today.


MooreMama said...

On your blinds for the new house - we have had a line item for a sinking fund to replace our blinds for ... forever. I knew that I didn't want the 1" vinyl mini blinds or metal ones (ugh - who knew that they made metal blinds in so many ugly colors - that's what we're replacing!), but have had a really hard time pulling the trigger on buying wide slatted wood blinds. (We have a lot of windows and most of them are 6' wide, which = $$$) My sister suggested Levelor roll up shades.

We bought and installed the shades for the windows that are visible from the street last weekend (about half of them) for less than half of what we would have spent on vinyl mini blinds and less than ONE window's worth of wood blinds.

We have curtains in all of the bedrooms and living room, so the shades are just extra light/privacy control and I don't think that the shades in the kitchen or bathrooms will bother me aesthetically at all.

AND the windows look all nice and uniform from the street.

Joelle said...

We should get together with the kids on one of your errand days for a break to play somewhere!
Refund for egg cartons?? Where is this? I always toss if the carton was messy or recycle it. Curious!