Sunday, January 15, 2012


These are things that we make homemade at our house and buy very rarely. Most of these are made pretty regularly at our house.
yogurt (well, we haven't done that since we moved, but hope to get back to it)
baby wipes
cinnamon rolls (sometimes for a treat)
jam (I have made blueberry, triple berry, raspberry, peach, and strawberry. Not only do we rarely buy jam for our family to eat, but I also use this as gifts.)
pickle relish
pickled beets
black bean dip
ice cream
pie crusts
kombucha (haven't done that since we moved, but my kombucha mushroom is waiting for me)
chamomile lemonade
cranberry lemonade
biscotti (Well, we haven't done that since we moved, but I just bought some at Costco and while the Lambs love it, I decided I prefer homemade so I'll need to make some soon.)
I also freeze veggies when we are given them or extras from the garden. Not sure how that is going to work now that we moved. Perhaps when there is a good deal at the farmer's market?

These are things that aren't homemade, but we have done differently.
Ewe uses aloe vera gel as hair conditioner.
Vinegar for cleaning.
Vinegar and baking soda for washing clothes.
Lamb 3 didn't use cloth diapers only, but used them a lot and still uses them for bedtime.
Ewe uses cloth feminine pads.
We have tried raw milk in the past, but currently aren't partly because we decided we drink such a small amount of milk that it isn't worth the trouble of getting it.
We usually buy farm eggs.

These are things that Ram and I are thinking of trying to make, not sure if we would make them regularly or just try to make them once.
yogurt cheese

I'm sure there are other things that I have been doing for so long now that I forget them when I make my list. What do you make homemade that is not on my list? I'm thinking of what I could add to my list that I could learn how to make in 2012. My list does not need to be limited to foods. I'm looking for things that would either be healthier or save money for our family.


Helpful Teacher said...

You're making me hungry!

Did you ever post your granola recipe? I can't find it.

The Mama said...

Naan is pretty easy to make, let me know if you want my recipe!

Anonymous said...

I make
homemade Christmas ornaments!
Christmas and other holiday decorations
Valentines and other cards
hair accessories
gifts - books for Children; bread; candy; cookies
homemade dips - salsa, guacamole, onion dip, spinach dip
I'm working on my knitting skills to make more scarves and "turtles" as gifts
"plastic bag" holders
wedding cake toppers (out of old spools) and veils - for friends
some - homemade cleaners
curtains (old apt, new one has them)
carmel corn
pin cushions out of heart cookie cutters and fabric scraps
I'm working on a few special homemade items - but they are gifts for the year 2012 - so I'll have to tell you about those later
Almost anything for Christmas can be hand made, and I love to repurpose items.
I'm trying to figure out how to make bookends out of old vinyl records - I'll let you know how it goes.