Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Vacation Report

Christmas Eve-Attended church, came home for eggnog and treats, attended church again. Great that the services were at 7pm and 10pm so we were able to come home and relax in between services instead of rush from service to service like we did in MN. We did miss having the children's Christmas program on Christmas Eve like we did in MN. Some were surprised that we took our Lambs to both services, but it was just like MN to have two services. Lambs were awake for both services and kept me on my toes, but I was able to hear most of both services. This was the first year I let the Lambs have real candles for the candlelight portion of the service and they did great. Many people commented how beautiful the candlelight service is and also how glad they are that Ram is their new pastor.
Christmas Day-Attended church, made crepes, welcomed Ram's parents and helped them unload their car with presents and food, ate crepes and lingonberries, opened presents, ate "snacks" for supper-that will need to be another post.
Dec. 26-Rested and let Lambs play with their new toys (aka they built all their new Lego sets) most of the day. Went to Food Coop so Ram's mom could show me where it was located and what products they carry there. Very helpful to know that if I can't find my favorite products/brands anywhere else then we can go there. Ate out at a distillery pub, good food. Went to Winter Garden Aglow until we were just too cold. Ram's parents headed back to go to bed, Ram and the Lambs and I went shopping at Target and Walmart because I had nothing to put in their stockings. Found some good after Christmas sales.
Dec. 27-Met our realtor for some house shopping. First house we had not seen, it was a foreclosure, none of us liked it. Second house was a repeat visit. Ram's parents approved, which makes me glad that we're not just two young people that like this house. We have not put an offer on this house yet, but we are seriously considering it. So far this house has beat out all other houses we have looked at both in what we want in a house and price.
Ram and his dad head off for some shopping and Ram's mom and I took the Lambs to McDonald's playplace to play. We all met up and went out to eat. Put the tired Lambs to bed and had a brief visit with Ram's parents without Lambs before they headed home the next morning.
It was a short visit, but it was nice to have family for Christmas- the first time in our marriage to have family come to our house.
Dec. 28-Ram had taken this week off at church, so we finally had a day to rest and relax. We have been going nonstop since August and this was a much needed break for all of us. We popped popcorn and watched the new Pooh movie as a family-we haven't watched a movie together for a long time.
Dec. 29-I needed some lab work done so we all headed downtown to get that done so I didn't have to go by myself. It only took a few minutes but it was nice to get out of the house. We had a babysitter and went out-a first for us to go out on our anniversary day without the Lambs since 2003. I'll have another post about our anniversary date soon.
Dec. 30-Ram had to go to work today even though it was his vacation because he needed to prepare for Sunday. I called my parents house and talked to them and also my sister to hear how her wedding reception in IN went the night before. We were sorry we were unable to attend. They had a great reception with their closest friends and relatives, some traveling quite a distance, but it was closer than going to Hawaii.
I made gingerbread cupcakes and we headed over to my college friend Joelle's house for dinner and the Lambs to play with her kids. This was the first chance we had to get together for more than a few minutes chat since we moved here. I hope that this is the first get together of many for our families.
Dec. 31-Ram conducted a wedding at church. It was a small family affair with just cake afterwards at church. The Lambs were a little disappointed that they weren't invited. While he was there Ewe was busy making cookies. I made star shaped-dipped in chocolate for the adults, frosted with yellow frosting for the Sunday School kids. Then we went out to eat at the Ram restaurant, it was crowded on New Year's Eve, but kids were $1 with adult meal purchase. Then we went to church at Good Shepherd LCMS. They had services last night but we did not. It was a nice service and a nice way to end 2011. After services we met an old family friend of Ram's parents. She googled, "Boise New Year's Eve service" and Good Shepherd came up. She isn't LCMS but she loved the service and ending a rough year for her in church. She took photos of the Lambs because she was so excited to meet us after hearing about us from Ram's parents. Who would think we would run into a family friend when it wasn't our church?
Jan. 1-I let the Lambs sleep through first service after many late nights this week. We had a combined Sunday School with just kids from 4 families-including Joelle's children because they didn't have Sunday School this morning so I invited her to ours. They read a story, did a craft, ate the star cookies I made, and began to watch a movie before time ran out. At late service the Lambs were invited to join the choir to sing "I am Jesus Little Lamb". They all joined the choir but after many late nights this week only one of the Lambs really sang with the choir. Maybe next time.
For supper tonight Ram made chicken liver spread and all the Lambs gobbled that up even though they weren't as excited about the snacks that Ram's parents brought. My Lambs like butter, onions, and chicken livers better!
Ram will return to work tomorrow and we will attempt to get back into a routine here before Lamb 3 begins preschool on Thursday. I'm going to attempt homeschool Christmas break until then but I may not be able to handle the Lambs with no routine and we may have to start back earlier. I wish that they would just play with their new Legos and let me get some things done around here, but it doesn't work that way. They do much better with the routine of school and knowing when play time is during the day instead of a whole unstructured day.

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