Tuesday, June 19, 2012

4 days of strawberries

10am Saturday 32 lbs strawberries

Saturday brunch-strawberry clafouti
(I tried this new recipe, it was custard with strawberries and topped with powered sugar. Lamb 1 did not like it. Lamb 2 ate several helpings. It reminded me of French toast without the toast.)

Saturday snack-fresh strawberries, bananas, pineapple

Saturday first batch of jam
I just have a small freezer on top of my fridge, so I had to be creative to freeze whole berries. Ice cube trays and small cookie sheet under cookie cooling rack worked well. I ended up freezing 10 lbs of whole berries in several batches like this.

Saturday dessert after supper-strawberry shortcake

Sunday evening after Lambs went to bed-strawberries and chocolate dipping sauce for Ram and Ewe
 (I apologize the photos are a little out of order here.)
Monday lunch-salad with strawberries, lettuce, walnuts, and homemade poppyseed dressing

Monday breakfast-Greek yogurt with strawberries and honey

Monday dessert after supper-fresh strawberry pie (homemade "gel") with whipped cream

Sunday-batch 2 of jam

Tuesday "snack"-homemade ice cream with strawberries, homemade fudge sauce, whipped cream, with a cherry on top

Monday-batch 3 of jam

No photo:
The Lambs used one lb to eat fresh outside to pretend they were the Boxcar Children after reading about strawberries.

That leaves 2 lbs fresh strawberries to top the leftover shortcake and eat fresh however we want. Yum!

Note to self: Next year make sure to have extra cream in the fridge to make lots of whipping cream when the strawberries arrive.

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