Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Normal for our family/surprising to others

1. We have been catching up on well visits/dental cleanings etc. for everyone in our family after moving and finding new doctors. The dentist commented that I had hardly any fillings. I have had 3 fillings-2 were right after my adult teeth came in. I think that is a lot compared to Ram never having a filling.
2. I was walking around the neighborhood to get my exercise for our health insurance program. I was by myself. The neighbor asked where my dog was. He couldn't imagine walking unless I was walking the dog.
3. The nurse asked me what I wanted my primary pharmacy to be. She couldn't believe that we have lived here since November and no one in our family had a prescription since then.

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joelle said...

You and Ram have good enamel! My teeth would be in much better shape if I had brushed my retainer better in highschool and college. That is why I have 3 root canals :(

Matt takes 3 meds daily. Other than that we have occasional meds for Timmy, but that is it.

Matt and I love to take walks together and we don't have dogs either.