Friday, June 1, 2012

May 24, 2012 Part 2

When we got home from the preschool picnic then we got ready for our guests to arrive. My first year of teaching I taught with Heather. I taught second grade and she taught third grade. Her husband received a Call as pastor to a church in MN in 1999. When Ram received his Call to be a pastor in MN in 2003, Heather's husband, Juan, received and accepted a Call to a church in WA. Recently Heather's husband received and accepted a Call to a church in MN. On their trip to move to MN, they stopped for an afternoon and saw us. I had not seen Heather since she moved to MN in 1999. Since we saw each other last I got married and I had 3 boys and she had 4 boys. We reconnected a few years ago and have had several very long phone calls a few times a year since we reconnected. The boys played in the playroom and outside, the moms did a house tour and spent the rest of the afternoon talking, the dads did a house tour spending most of their time in our library and then stopped over at church to see that library. My sister was still here and was nice enough to help with the boys a little and to join in our conversations. Before they left we snapped a few pictures, but I was too busy talking to take more photos than this. We all agreed that we'll have to stop and visit them on our next vacation out to IN, that going by way of MN will be necessary.
Lamb 3 and E (2) playing Duplo

E (2), Lamb 3 not cooperating for photo (4), Lamb 2 (6 tomorrow),  B (6), Lamb 1 (8), C (8), A (11)
They really are in age order, not height order! Hopefully I am remembering names and ages correctly!

Ewe and Heather (doesn't she look good for such a big moving trip!)
This is what the playroom looked like after 7 boys played in it for an afternoon. Hannah said it smelled like BOYS in there. I didn't even care that it was a mess because the adults had time to talk while they played. After Hannah went home our family cleaned it up and with 5 of us working it didn't take very long to clean it up. They played Legos and board games when they were inside. Notice the nice shelves in the closet for games and puzzles. Thank you Hannah and Ram!

Ram and Juan
We wish them God's blessings at their new church and town.

After their family got on the road to head towards MN, we decided to take Hannah out to dinner at TX Roadhouse. Everyone loved the treat of going out there. Then Ram took care of the Lambs while Ewe and Hannah did some more shopping at Hobby Lobby. Then we headed home and watched a few movies after the Lambs went to bed. We watched an episode of Tintin and Hitchcock's "I Confess". We packed a lot into this day and had a lot of fun.

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