Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend is over

I'm slowly getting used to Ram's day off of Monday which gives us an extra day of weekend. Friday I took the Lambs to the opening of the summer reading program at the library. They had an entire afternoon of events-parking lot with bounce house, popcorn, popsicles, temporary tattoos, hula hoops, etc. Programs about nocturnal animals etc. inside. The Lambs had a great time, especially in the bounce house. Then we along with Ram headed out to check out the Christian homeschool convention. We didn't stay long but I was able to look at some curriculum there. Then we stopped at the appliance store that we bought a fridge at. One of the drawers cracked a few weeks ago. We went to the store and they were nice enough to give us another drawer for free. Lesson learned-ask and you may receive-now I don't have to remind the Lambs to open the drawer carefully.

Saturday the big park near us had some kids activities so we headed over there. They also had a bounce house and I think the Lambs were in shock that they got to do that two days in a row. They gave out donuts. There was fishing and we tried for a little while but didn't catch anything. Afterwards we took the Lambs to Chinese buffet. They had been begging to go there and I think were shocked that we actually took them there. Lamb 1 and 2 were thrilled, but Lamb 3 cried because he wanted to go to Cracker Barrel. He finally settled down and ate watermelon and hard boiled eggs. (Really-at a Chinese buffet!)
Then we went to the ID history museum. Admission wasn't too bad for the whole family, especially because Lamb 3 is still free. They had toys and games from the past and I think the Lambs could have spent all day shooting the wooden rubber band guns.

Sunday was church and then I reorganized the pantry some-I never liked the way things were put in the pantry when we moved in. I still want to move a couple of areas, but overall it is much easier to find things now.
Lamb 1 and 2 were excited to cook by themselves so they baked blueberry muffins mostly by themselves. I decided to buy some eggs from the store (not farm eggs) for Lamb 1 to practice breaking eggs. Not only is that skill difficult for an 8 year old to learn, but difficult for Mama to explain but not just do it herself. We had several either yolks or whites on the floor before I guessed on the amount of one egg and the muffins turned out well. Lesson learned-start teaching Lamb 2 now so he isn't 8 years old and unable to break eggs.
After supper I needed exercise (for Be Well Serve Well rewards) and we needed milk to make ice cream so the whole family walked to the nearest grocery store. Lamb 1 and 2 were such wimps and complained so much that I wasn't sure they were going to make it. It was pretty pathetic that out of shape Ewe did better. I'm not sure when our whole family will attempt a long walk like that again.
Ram and Ewe worked reorganizing the garage some after the Lambs went to bed. There is still lots to do to get to the point of parking both cars in the garage but we are slowly making headway on that. I wish I would have taken moving day photos to prove that headway.
Ram and Ewe finished watching the second season of Downton Abbey and the few extras on both seasons.

Monday the Lambs had their first swim lessons. It was Ram's day off so the whole family went. Lamb 3 had his first swim lesson ever and did really well. Lamb 2 did well for him-he is still afraid of the water but he did everything the teacher asked him to do. Lamb 1 went off the diving board 3 times. They are taking lessons at a private home. This is a whole different experience than the lessons they had in MN at the city pool. Lamb 2 and 3 have lessons at the same time with different teachers. Lamb 1 almost had private lessons because the other girl in his class wasn't there today. Lamb 1 was proud to really start learning how to swim-to learn strokes etc. and not just play in the water for lessons.
After lunch then we went to Target to get new sandals for all the Lambs. They either outgrew or their sandals were falling apart or both. Costco for groceries. Meat market for this week's meat. Then home to put all that away, especially the cold stuff. Then Ram made supper while Ewe did more shopping-Walmart and Fred Meyer. I didn't get everything on my list and need to go to a couple more grocery stores. But I am determined to stop eating out so much, be more prepared for meals, and use some things in my freezer to make room for strawberries in a couple of weeks.
For supper Ram made hobos, which were delicious. (Thanks, Esther!) Then he went to a meeting at church while I made zucchini brownies.
Now the weekend is over and we have 9 days of swim lessons to look forward to and this summer we are going to try to go to library programs twice a week so that all the Lambs have a program that their age level would enjoy. Next Saturday is free fishing day (no license required) but I'm thinking it might be nice to stay home for a Saturday after all we did this weekend. Ram will be back to work tomorrow and we'll begin our summer routine.

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Joelle said...

I'm guessing the kids have swim lessons today...I hope they aren't too cold! Maybe they will cancel and do them another time?

Good Chinese food - Yen Ching on 9th and Bannock downtown. The buffets are usually not very authentic. Lots of American food.

I'm curious which grocery story you walked to! I'm sure it was a good long walk!