Friday, June 29, 2012


Our freezer smelled funny each time I opened it. I was not the only one that noticed it. I figured it was really bad if boys smelled it. Last Saturday I took everything out of the freezer and tried to figure out what it was. I wiped the freezer down and put a new box of baking soda in there. There was a little leftover store bought ice cream so I offered that to the Lambs and threw out the box. Other than that I couldn't figure out what the smelly thing was.
The next day the freezer smelled fine. We rarely buy store bought ice cream any more. That was a terrible thought to me that ice cream that is not homemade smells bad to our family.
After my no dairy experience with Lamb 1, I have trouble eating store bought ice cream with the exception of a few brands/kinds. Unfortunately I have learned the hard way-Baskin Robbins-no, Ben and Jerrys-yes, etc. If I don't know how it will effect me I never eat it during the afternoon or early evening-I either don't have it or wait until near bedtime. But smelling bad was a new experience for me.
Thankfully our freezer smells fine now and it is fully packed including strawberries.

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