Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Busy weekend

Ram went to the LCMS Northwest District Convention in Portland. He left our house at 4:50am on Thursday and came home about 9pm on Saturday. He was pleased that the convention did the necessary items of business and the one crazy idea didn't pass if I understood him correctly. He got to know the man that was our lay delegate a little better.
So that left me as "single parent" for a few days at home. Thursday I took the Lambs to Applebees to use their coupons from summer reading program rewards. Applebees was nice enough to let all 3 Lambs get a free meal with just buying my meal.
Friday was library day. Then we picked up a pizza. The babysitter arrived about 5pm. I headed over to church then and stayed until 1am. Our church youth group had a fundraiser to raise money to go to the youth gathering next summer. The fundraiser was $25 for a night of scrapbooking, dinner, and door prizes. It was a good fundraiser for them and not a lot of work. They plan to do it again in January. My friend Joelle also came. Dinner was make your own out of chicken, salad, rice, salsa, homemade salad dressing, black beans, guacamole, etc. It was really good. Dessert was ice cream and I brought The Best Most Evil Dessert-Carmel Bars. I didn't win the massage or manicure, but I did win a set of Christmas stampers and a gift certificate for a pizza. Joelle won the massage. There were a few consultants there that gave a few demostrations. I worked on Lamb 3's baby album and got a few more months done. It is now organized and I'm trying to work on it a little each day.
Saturday I took the Lambs out for lunch and then we went to Barnes and Noble as they were giving out a small free Lego pack. We got our free Legos but didn't open them as we didn't want to mix up pieces with others there. We stayed and played with the Legos and Thomas trains for awhile. Then we did grocery shopping.
While Ram was gone the Lambs and I did some house cleaning-cleaning up the play room, I scrubbed my downstairs floor for the first time since we moved in, and basic cleaning. This was to prepare for one of Ram's aunt's family coming on Sunday and also needed to be done.
After church, for just one afternoon, Aunt Marie, Uncle Hal, and cousin Abby came. We grilled out brats/hamburgers/hot dogs and also had fresh fruit salad and leftover carmel bars. Uncle Hal really liked ID and I don't think he was joking that they may retire here and get out of CA. The funny part was that Ram's parents were camping last week so they couldn't visit them. So we got to see them but Ram's mom didn't get to see her sister. The Lambs were pretty well behaved and put up with adults coming to visit. Of course we gave a house tour too. Here's a few photos of the day:

Aunt and Nephew

This was the best we could do to get the photo of the second cousins. Hopefully Aunt Marie got a better photo than I did. I think they are second cousins-Abby's grandpa is the Lambs' great-grandpa.

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