Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Parade Float

Our church was in a parade last Friday night.
Lamb 2 said, "Welcome to the 1950's!" as we got in the car to go to the parade.
They all had gel in their hair but you can really only see Lamb 3's gel. It was good we took photos right away because Lamb 2's shirt was covered in dirt, pizza, and even a few holes by the time the parade actually began! The funny part is that for every day, Lamb 3 rarely wears shorts and Lamb 1 and 2 haven't worn jeans since before Easter. Lamb 1 and 2 really got into dressing like 1950's boys, Lamb 3 not so much.

Ram didn't have any 1950's clothes in his closet. (I suppose that is a good thing!) No one told me my apron was on crooked. I was a little overdressed compared to the others from our group. I wore a scarf in my hair but you can't see it. I guess I looked like a movie star/waitress/house wife all in one. The parade audience yelled, "Charlie Brown" in order to get candy from him.

We had a long 1 1/2 hours between when we got there for parade line up and the parade began. We played in the grass...

practiced hula hoop...

went to the bathroom a bunch of times, and even ordered and ate pizza while we waited.

The Lambs played on the float while they could.

The Lambs took turns sitting at the table many times before the parade began.

I'm not sure everyone recognized the shake, not ice cream on our float.

Finally the parade began.

The adults got their exercise on the long parade route passing out candy while the kids stood or sat on the float for the whole parade.

This picture shows how many people were at the parade. We were not allowed to throw candy and there were police men along the route watching that the floats obeyed that rule. Once we thought we were in trouble but the police man was asking for his own portion of candy! It was difficult to give out candy individually and keep up with the float.

About halfway through the parade we ran out of candy. We had given out thousands of flyers about our church and preschool with candy attached. We are going to need to get a lot more candy to give out next year or do something different. It was good to get our church name out to the community. Afterwards the float was taken apart and we wait to see what our theme will be for next year's float to do it all again.

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