Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thank you, Treasure Valley Family Magazine!

We attended Museum Day in Boise while Aunt Hannah visited a few weeks ago. We went to each booth and did activities and learned about the museums. At each booth we had our paper signed. At the end Treasure Valley Family Magazine had a basket to choose a CD, DVD, or game. I was quite impressed with the choices and we chose a CD. Then a few days ago we received a phone call that Lamb 3 had his paper chosen for their drawing. Three children won and Lamb 3 was one of them! Look at this bag of goodies!
Nice picture books, 2 CDs, Nice Leap Frog DVD set, Clifford DVD, water bottle, and bag. Lamb 1 was quite excited about the science experiment book.

On the way home from picking up the bag of goodies, I took each item out and showed it to the Lambs. Lamb 3 misunderstood and thought he had to choose one thing from the bag. He didn't understand that he won the entire bag of goodies. He was taking a long time making up his mind. When he found out he got to keep the whole bag of goodies forever and not return them to the library, he said, "You mean I get ALL these books! Oh Goodie!" They had seen the Clifford DVD from the library before so they were quite excited to get that one to keep. The book he is holding was his first choice of a book from the bag to read. They haven't watched the Leap Frog DVDs but I was excited for them to receive those.

We had a fun day doing the activities in Boise on Museum Day. It was an extra bonus for Lamb 3 to receive such a nice gift. Since we are new to the area it has been really nice to read Treasure Valley Family Magazine each month and find out what there is to do in the area. I appreciate that free copies are at places we go like the library and I'm enough old fashioned to appreciate a paper copy. And when I don't get to pick one up right away at the beginning of the month, it is online for me to look at.

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