Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lamb 2, May 25, 2012!

This day did not start out well. The night before Lamb 2 had some diarrhea so there was some laundry to do for that. Lamb 3 had vomited in his bed during the night, then he crawled into Ram and Ewe's bed and slept for a few hours, then he tried to crawl back in his bed and he discovered his bed was a mess. Ewe jumped out of bed to clean up that mess and realized her neck/shoulder was very sore. Ewe tried to clean up the bed/wall/carpet with a sore neck. Not only did Lamb 3's bed need to be changed, but also his stuffed animals and toys, and Ram and Ewe's sheets. Hannah was trying to be helpful and Ewe lost her temper with Hannah. After we got everything cleaned up and several loads of laundry going, we realized that everyone felt fine except for Ewe's neck/shoulder. It must have been something that Lamb 2 and 3 ate. We hoped that we didn't make anyone we saw the day before ill, but figured it was most likely something they ate since no one else in our family was sick.
Hannah made French toast and sausage for us for breakfast, Lamb 2's birthday breakfast request. After breakfast Ewe went to the chiropractor and got a little relief in her neck. Ram wrote his sermon as it was his first chance all week with everything else we had done. Ram took Hannah to the post office to mail 4 boxes of things Ewe gave to Hannah. 2 boxes went priority mail, two are literally slow boat to Hawaii, hopefully within 6-8 weeks. She also packed some of her clothes in these boxes, so unfortunately she'll be waiting for awhile. But it was way too expensive to mail all of it priority mail. I was happy to be sending things to a new home as Hannah and her husband make their new home together.
Ram's parents arrived late in the afternoon and they brought a picnic table to us. Hannah, Ram's dad, and Ram got it set up on our patio. They had an extra picnic table at their house and were happy to share with us.
Then it was time to open presents from Aunt Hannah and Ram's parents.
Ukulele from Aunt Hannah

Lamb 3-Duplo set
Lamb 2-Lego harbor
Lamb 1-Lego camper (just like Grandpa and Grandma's camper!)

Lamb 2 is the last spring birthday for the boys in our family. He has been waiting for this Lego harbor. While he was putting it together the next day, Ram remarked that it's a pretty fun Lego set to play with!

Lamb 2 asked to go to a sushi restaurant so we compromised and went to a Thai restaurant that also served sushi. We all had a delicious meal.
Lamb 2 with sushi-he ate this whole plate by himself

Lamb 1 with California spring roll with Grandma and Aunt Hannah-Lamb 1 also ate his whole plate by himself

The restaurant served ice cream and took Lamb 2's picture for the birthday boy.

Birthday banner made by Aunt Hannah

Best chocolate sheet cake ever requested by Lamb 2 and made by Aunt Hannah (I should have used her cake decorating skills for something fancy since she was here, but this was what Lamb 2 asked for.)

Hannah saw the Thai restaurant served tea in a teapot shaped like an elephant. The restaurant said some of the employees hand carry them from Thailand when they visit each summer. Hannah really wanted one but thought they were expensive. After we were home she decided to go back and get one. I encouraged this because I know when I was a newlywed I got some "treats" to set up my house that I really wanted and I thought Hannah should too. Then she had to figure out how to pack her new teapot and the other teapot I gave her from our great-grandma to get it home to Hawaii. It was really neat that this teapot was from Thailand and it was so cute too. When we got home that night she started figuring out how to pack what she had not shipped home. Somehow she managed to get it all in her carry on and not check any bags. I should have taken a picture of the teapot, but she had it wrapped in bubble wrap before I thought of that.
The day ended much better than it began and Lamb 2 had a nice 6th birthday.

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