Friday, June 15, 2012


I'm busy washing jam jars (after finding them after moving) to get ready for my 32 lbs of strawberries that will be delivered on Saturday. I expect little blogging to happen until those jars are full of jam!
Any suggestions for strawberry recipes are appreciated. Of course we will have strawberry shortcake and chocolate dipped strawberries and make most of them into jam. But 32 lbs is a lot!
This is my first trial at ordering something like this online. We'll see if I'm ever crazy enough to do it again.


Glenda said...

Are you using the sure-jell freezer jam recipe? If so, make a batch and pour over 18 cups whole berries. Put into two-quart containers and freeze. Then through the year you can make our favorite fruit salad: container of those berries, can of pineapple chunks, and sliced bananas. Yum!

Or put rum in your blender, then half a box of those berries, and about half a pint jar of your jam, add ice, blend and enjoy a fantastic daiquiri.

I also just freeze a lot of my berries whole: stem, wash and place on a cookie sheet, try not to have them touching. Freeze, then take out and put in freezer bags. I use these all year for smoothies throughout the year.

I'll do about sixty pound on Monday!

Oh and don't forget to write everything down. The amount of sugar used, pounds of berries, cost of them per pound, quantities of each thing made and or frozen. That way next year you will know if it was the right amount, too little, or too much.


Jody S. said...

I agree with Glenda with freezing them whole. We got 6 flats of strawberries this year (8 quarts to a flat). We made some freezer jam and one batch of old-fashioned jam (with no added pectin). But most of them were just frozen. We also do strawberry shortcake for supper the first day we have them! This year we didn't do this, but you can also just clean them and slice them and add some sugar to taste and freeze them in quart containers. These, when thawed, are delicious as any dessert topping or added to a fruit salad. But the most versatile is frozen whole :)