Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Lamb 3 was Eeyore for Halloween. We bought this costume used for Lamb 1 several years ago and I ran it through the washing machine. We were so surprised the first time  that he wore it and he found the noisemaker in the hand and made Eeyore talk! (After that I took the noisemaker out when I washed it.) All the Lambs wore it at least one Halloween. When I pulled it out for this year, the battery in the noisemaker was dead. So Ram bought a new battery and it worked fine. I can't believe how many years we got out of this costume and that it was used before we got it before the battery needed to be replaced. This may be the last year that any of our Lambs can squeeze in the costume but we definitely got our money's worth. All my Lambs were adorable in this costume!

I really wanted to post a video of Eeyore talking, but Blogger didn't cooperate. I do have the video to play for Lamb 3 when he is older though!

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