Saturday, January 4, 2014

Eighth day of Christmas

Stockings today: Reeses Pieces for each Lamb

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love sent to me eight maids-a-milking.

Eighth day of Christmas treat:

I bought two cartons of this shortly after Christmas. I tried to buy some more yesterday but they were sold out and it is a holiday item. I may try another store today because the Lambs loved it. They are big on mint and Lamb 1 loved a dairy free version of chocolate milk. We all tried some of the first carton and I'm rationing out the second carton for just the Lambs. Since we know about this product now we can begin looking at the store for it earlier and enjoy this treat all month next Christmas.
All of us except Lamb 1 have enjoyed several cartons of eggnog (organic so no HFCS, but not dairy free). All of us have tried several kinds of milk to make hot chocolate, almond milk and coconut milk were new to us, rice milk and cow's milk like we have done before. Each of us have a preference for what kind we think makes the best hot cocoa. Ram's mom gave us some fancy marshmallows "homemade" from her town and also some regular marshmallows for the Lambs. Even Lamb 1 was willing to try hot chocolate when it was dairy free. We have also put whipped cream leftover from crepes in our hot cocoa.
So we ended up having lots of different kinds of milk treats for several of the 12 days of Christmas to celebrate the 8th day of Christmas.

Plans for today: Today Ewe invited a friend from church and they plan to attend a Downton Abbey party at Barnes and Noble. Ram's Christmas vacation ended with a meeting planned for church today. The Lambs continue to play and enjoy their vacation.

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