Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sixth day of Christmas

Stockings: These trees from the teacher store. They turned out neat and were a fast and easy project for the Lambs.

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me six geese a laying.

Sixth day of Christmas treat: deviled eggs

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me five golden rings.

Fifth day of Christmas treat: paleo lemon bundt cake
We left after church on Sunday and visited Ram's parents and celebrated Christmas and New Year's with them. Ram's mom made this paleo lemon bundt cake for breakfast which worked well for the fifth day. I still want to make paleo onion rings, but that will be another meal.
We had a nice visit and returned home about 6pm last night. Ram and Ewe worked most of the evening to put gifts away, get laundry going, put leftovers in the fridge, unpack suitcases, etc. Ram's mom sent us home with lots of leftovers which makes the end of our vacation nice to not have to shop or cook much. Today the Lambs cleaned up their play room and put their new games and Legos away.
Much of today the washer and dryer were going. I like to wash new clothes before we wear them, especially to try to prevent Lamb 2 from being allergic to them. Many of the new clothes were different bright colors that needed to be washed separately. We all received several new t-shirts and a few new clothes. Each of the Lambs received new sheets and blankets, which ended up being one of their favorite presents. I will eventually blog pictures of their new bedding and some of the t-shirts. Even after going through the wash their sheets still smell new, I ran their air filter today to try to cut some of that smell down. The Lambs were very eager to make their beds this morning!
We also received several new books so I'm busy cataloging them in our family library, deciding which ones should go to Ram's office at church, and deleting those that were on our Amazon wish list. Ram took over putting away the new movies we received. Most are for the Lambs for homeschooling in a few years; they may surprise me and watch them sooner.
Today I had an appointment with an ENT Dr. For the last couple of years I have had trouble with wax in my ear, a nurse cleans it out in the dr. office and then it bothers me in a few months again. I had wax right against my eardrum so I got sent to the ENT. Unfortunately they couldn't fit me in before 2013 ended so I'll be paying for this visit with our new deductible year. But he was able to get the wax out and it is sore but feels better already. After a couple of years of discomfort it is worth paying for today. The ENT Dr. recommended that next time I have trouble I come back to him with a microscope and suction instead of irrigating with water in the dr. office. The Dr. was surprised that was all I came in for, he said it was the shortest appointment ever!
Lamb 1 had his last mayor's book club tonight. We chose to not sign up for the next session. We may do it again in the fall, but he needed a break from a commitment to read a book we did not choose and attend a meeting once a month. It was very foggy and I was glad Ram was able to take Lamb 1.
Due to our few days away we are behind on our 12 days of Christmas foods, but we will celebrate all the days and I will blog about them even if it ends up being after Epiphany.

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