Monday, January 27, 2014

ID 2014 Pro Life March

Our family planned to go to a Lego event at Barnes and Noble on Saturday. They were celebrating the new Lego movie to be released soon. I had it on the calendar for a long time but I didn't realize we were supposed to RSVP. By the time I made that phone call they were full. The Lambs were very disappointed but I immediately had a second plan. This meant we could attend our Pro Life March!
I attended pro life marches many years in Fort Wayne and also in WI when I was in college. The pro life march was on the other side of the state when we lived in MN so we didn't attend. Since we moved here we hadn't attended.
This was unlike any march I had ever been to before for a couple of reasons: It was held in the capital of our state; people from all over the state came, not just our area; and there were protesters there. I also didn't attend with a group of other Lutherans, it was just our family.
The protesters were unorganized; looked like they just quickly made a sign before we came; and Ram counted 24 of them. We highly outnumbered them. I was struck with the difference of our short words on our signs: Defend Life or We Choose Life vs. their signs with long sayings. Often their signs needed thinking if they were pro life or pro death, not clear like ours. I was very proud of our group- at the capital steps they made a point of thanking the protesters for being there and showing our great country's freedom. The protesters mainly looked like they were college age; our group had every age from infant to senior citizens. Our group had many high school and college age.
Our group was a lot of Catholics, but many other denominations were also represented. The first prayer was done by a Catholic and I appreciated beginning with the Invocation before the March.
I will show some photos that we took here and if you are interested go here to see more photos and a link to a news story.
Ewe and the Lambs waiting for the march to begin.

I want a sign like that!

It was so cool to be in the middle of the group and not be able to see the beginning or the end of our group. We took up one lane on the street for several blocks before the capital. It took a while for everyone to get to the capital steps.

Thank you to all the policemen that made sure we stayed safe.

We stayed for the prayer and a little of the speakers, but it was cold and the Lambs had been good thinking they were going to a Lego event and going to the March instead. I hope that they have memories of doing this March. We went to a local coffee shop for drinks to warm up afterwards.

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