Friday, January 10, 2014

Perfect and not coincidence

My grandma always trusted God. Before she died her children were getting concerned that she was out of money and how were they going to pay $4000/month for the nursing home? She died one month after this concern was serious. When my mom paid her bills at the end her fiances came out almost perfect-not owing any money. This is amazing for a woman that was a widow in her 40s and had 3 children to raise as a single parent. I do believe that God organized that for her and the financial organization went back for years-perhaps due to her clipping coupons for groceries it helped her finances come out at the end of her life. We didn't think she received nearly enough money for her house when it was sold. But it turned out to be the exact amount she needed at the end of her life.
We had quite a few bills due the beginning of the month. Some were quarterly bills like our housing association fee, some were annual bills like our two car licenses, and some were regular bills. I didn't do a lot of Christmas shopping but I bought some extra groceries for the holidays and stocking treats. I donated online to a few organizations we wanted to support before the end of the year and those came on our credit card bill. All this added up to my reluctance to sit down and pay those bills. I really did not want to take money from our savings account so we had money to pay for Lamb 2's vision therapy.
Ram did receive a small Christmas bonus from the members of the congregation. We received very nice gifts for Christmas but none of our family gave us cash.
I sat down and paid those bills and I had $100 left in the checking account. That was a good amount to pay for piano lessons and have cash until the next payday. This was amazing to me. The members donated the exact amount we needed for Ram's Christmas bonus and I donated the exact amount to charity that we could afford.
I was still doubtful and thought that as soon as I mailed those checks we would open up the mailbox and find another bill due. We received our first bill of 2014 yesterday, no bills for 8 days! This bill will be due after Ram's next payday.
I hope that this post doesn't come across as complaining about our personal finances or bragging about Ram's Christmas bonus. We are blessed that most of the time our finances aren't this tight. I just had to share that I don't believe the finances coming out perfect for us is coincidence. I do believe that God organized all this for us. That organization involved a lot more than just Ram and Ewe.
Isn't it neat to see God at work even in our every day tasks? It's such a good reminder to thank God and trust Him in all areas of our lives.

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Kristen said...

I never grow tired of hearing stories of how God provides! This is especially reassuring as we prepare to transition from two salaries to one.