Monday, January 6, 2014

The tenth day of Christmas

Stockings today: Today is Epiphany but we are celebrating the tenth day of Christmas. The Lambs received gifts they asked for the last time we went to the ID history museum.
Lamb 1: a small bottle of real gold
Lamb 2 and 3: small wind up music boxes

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me ten lords-a-leaping.

Tenth day of Christmas treat: Gingerbread baked in gingerbread men cake pan with Paleo maple cinnamon frosting. It really is Paleo! I couldn't believe the frosting was fluffy and sweet without putting any sugar in it, just maple syrup. I thought of making gingerbread men cookies, but the Paleo recipe said it was difficult and sticky. I was so glad I chose this, the cakes came right out of the pan! The sprinkles and M&Ms are not Paleo, but when I left the buttons off, the Lambs had a fit and said they needed buttons. I've owned this pan for about 10 years but never used it before. This Paleo recipe was so easy that I think I will be using this pan every Christmas now.

Today unlike many parts of the country we do not have a snowstorm so we are back to regular schedule. Lamb 2 has vision therapy, Ram is back to work and a church meeting tonight, and we are back to homeschool. I also want to watch Antiques Roadshow tonight, it was recorded in Boise last summer.

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