Thursday, January 16, 2014

Free books

We lived here almost 2 years before I found out that ID Youth Ranch thrift stores give each child a free book on each visit and after they read 5 books then they get a prize. They get to keep the books after they read them. We have taken the Lambs for books twice now. The first time we managed to pick up almost $30 worth of treasures along with their free books. The second time we just bought one book priced 65 cents along with their free books. It makes everyone in our family really happy to get free books!

The first time Lamb 2 chose a book that was great for his reading ability with lots of phonics. The second time Lamb 2 chose a beautiful picture book about Lassie. When we began reading it, the Lambs didn't want to stop after one chapter. Lamb 3 has picked some books that were not classics, but they were free so I didn't mind and after we read them once then they will be donated. He is starting to notice that Lamb 2 has chosen differently. Lamb 1 chose different books each time, the second time he picked a Boy Scout manual and we began reading it together. It's not going to work for them to be in Boy Scouts here, but that doesn't mean that they can't read about and learn some of the skills that Boy Scouts learn.

I love treating the boys to a book without spending any money and I also get a few minutes to browse the thrift store looking for treasures. Do you have a thrift store with a similar deal?


Esther said...

Why won't it work to be in Scouts? Dan is an Eagle, and our boys love Scouts. It is a great organization!

Kristen said...

Wow! That's a great way to get free books. Too bad they don't have a similar program for grown-ups! :-)