Thursday, January 30, 2014

Accepting Help

In MN when I went grocery shopping at the store 7 miles away, they had drive up service. I paid for groceries, took a number, and drove up and they loaded the car for me. When a friend visited she couldn't believe that. This was so handy with little Lambs and also in the winter. Most of the other time when I went shopping Ram and the Lambs were with me to help load groceries.
Since we moved here Ram and I take turns doing the shopping. This has been a benefit of living in the city. Sometimes we all go to Costco together. Sometimes I give him a list and sometimes I go alone. When I go alone I need to load my own groceries.
There is a local grocery store that I like to go on their sale days by myself. They have carry out service. I've found that I've become so used to loading the groceries by myself or having Ram do it that I don't really like help from the grocery employees. Even though this service is offered I don't ask them to take my groceries out unless I have a lot of groceries or I am shopping early in the morning.
Ram's dad laughed at me for shopping on their sale days and suggested that I just shop at a cheaper store and skip the hassle of a sale day. But often these sales are really good and this store has a lot of natural products that aren't on the shelves of the cheaper grocery store. I also choose which sale days are worth it, I skip cereal sale day but go on produce sale day.
I know I could take the Lambs with me, but this store is crazy on their sale days (usually Thursday but sometimes Saturday). I don't really want to have to watch the Lambs, give each Lamb a task to keep them busy, fight the crowds, and choose what to buy all at once. I've found I really like to get up on their sale days and go shopping before Ram goes to work. Not only is it not crowded in the store but when I get home I unload the groceries, make breakfast, and we start homeschool early which means we finish early. I do have to deal with school buses on the way home, but other than that it saves me a lot of time compared to waiting until Ram gets home from work to go shopping. Plus they are usually well stocked in the morning and when I have gone in the afternoon they are sometimes out of a sale item. Today was one of those days and I'm in a good mood to be ahead of schedule instead of rushing to get everything done before speech therapy.

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