Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 Swimming Lessons

The last two years the Lambs took swim lessons the first two weeks of June at a private home near us. Both years there were several chilly and/or rainy days. They never cancel lessons unless there is lightening. I looked at our calendar and decided the last two weeks of June would be best for our schedule and hoped it would be a little better weather too. We went to the same place as last year.

The last two years all the Lambs were at different levels so that meant 3 half hour lessons each day for two weeks. The last two years were terrible for all of us. It was just too long to wait 1 hour for your brothers when you only get 1/2 hour lesson. It was either waiting 1 hour in the hot sun or in the rain/cold. I didn't know any other families that were also taking lessons. Most of the moms knew each other as they were from the same ward or had friends from the same ward. The last two years no other moms ever talked to me. I was the most frustrated because the moms last year did not watch the younger siblings while their older children took lessons. One day last year I saw a 2 year old in the street while her mom was talking to other moms.

This year Lamb 2 and 3 were close enough in swimming ability that they took lessons at the same time. This meant only 1/2 hour wait for your brother and a 1/2 hour lesson. This was so much better for all of us. 1/2 hour less really helped.

This year there was one boy that was very social and tried to learn all the other kids names on the first day. He sort of organized all the boys walking around/talking while Lamb 1 waited for his brothers to have their lessons. Lamb 1 really needs this time with other boys. Also several moms talked to me this year! One day one of the dads played Skipbo with us. Since the Lambs were older and no longer in the "baby" class, there were less toddler younger siblings this year. All the moms watched the younger siblings this year.

Last year I took books to read with the Lambs while they waited for their lesson but that didn't work too well for the whole time. This year we brought a couple of card games. It was usually enough time to play one or two rounds in the half hour.

I was also pleased with the Lambs maturity in the last year. Everyone can completely get dressed by themselves in swim shirt, swim trunks, and sandals. I had to make sure towels and swim clothes were clean and dry daily, but other than that they could do everything themselves. This also made swimming lessons so much better-we were in the car 5 minutes after lessons instead of 20 minutes later like last year. Lamb 1 likes to change after lessons but his lessons were first this year. The other Lambs put a robe on and change when they get home. We were home before noon this year. While the Lambs took showers and got dressed I made lunch.

Lamb 1 really worked on specific strokes this year. All of his lessons were in the deepest part of the pool. Some of his lessons taught him how to dive. Lamb 2 spent most of the lesson when he was not working with the teacher dunking himself completely in the water. This was a huge change compared to last year never putting his face in the water. He also went off the diving board at least one time each day while holding onto a pool noodle. Last year he only went off the diving board once. Lamb 3 has always loved swimming. This year he was the example student for the rest of the class. The teacher would say, "Lamb 3, do a back float. Now everyone do what Lamb 3 did." Lamb 3 jumped off the diving board and swam over to the ladder by himself several times each day.

We hope to go to the pool in our subdivision often during July and August so the Lambs can continue to practice what they learned in swim lessons this year.

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