Friday, June 13, 2014

City Event

Our city had an event a few weeks ago and our family went and we also saw my friend Joelle and her family there. We were busy doing the fun activities so I didn't take very many pictures. They had free hot dogs and popcorn. We chose not to make bird houses like we did last year. We had fun doing other activities that we did not do last year and getting free stuff at the booths. We got a shower timer and I have appreciated limiting the Lambs showers to 5 minutes or less.
Such a perfect activity for boys!

The volunteer timed them with his phone. They each had 5 minutes.

Lamb 3 had to wait the longest, but was successful!

The only time homeschooled kids have to walk in a line is when we go to something like this with crowds!

Afterwards our family went out for pizza because hot dogs and popcorn were not enough for growing boys. We let the Lambs go in a nearby splash pad after pizza. They were so surprised that I said it was ok to go in without their swim trunks. It was a fun change for our family to do something together in the middle of the week.

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