Monday, June 23, 2014

Pattern Block Fun

At Lamb 2's last vision therapy evaluation, I could tell that he needs to work on patterns. He will be asked to do more tasks with patterns at his next evaluation. He has done some more work with patterns at OT. We have a couple of small sets of pattern blocks, but I realized we would need more if all 3 Lambs wanted to do these tasks/play with pattern blocks together. I asked the Loopers and one sent me pattern blocks sitting in her basement and another is going to send me patterns for Lamb 2 to try to copy with the pattern blocks. The pattern blocks arrived the day of Ram's minor surgery in May. It kept them busy for a couple of hours while Ram and Ewe tried to complete some tasks around the house before Ram was unable to lift anything for a couple of weeks. Thank you, Raggedy Mom! These are nice wood ones, not plastic like I used in the classroom. I let the Lambs play with them for several weeks and beginning in July I will expect Lamb 2 to do more directed tasks with the pattern blocks. Here are a couple of photos that I took that day.

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Spice of Life Mom said...

A neighbor gifted me with several huge boxes of things her school was getting rid of. Among the treasures were tons of manipulatives--pattern blocks, pattern beads, teddy bear counters, all kinds of things I didn't even know existed! These things have been so useful just keeping preschoolers and schoolers alike busy while I have a chance work one-on-one with a child.