Thursday, June 26, 2014

My garage sale find

I have never been good at garage sales. I like thrift stores, but I don't have patience to drive all over to garage sales that may or may not have what I would like. Plus I'm not good at talking down prices.

A few weekends ago several subdivisions in our area had garage sales. It was clear after the train table was built that the Lambs needed more things to organize the toys they wanted to keep. So our family hit several garage sales over a couple of Saturdays until we found what would work to help the Lambs get organized.

At one garage sale we stopped about 10am and we were her first customers so she was starting to close and give up. She had a nice Winnie the Pooh poster and I commented that I liked it, but no where to display things like that. She had just packed up this bookend set. She said a few years ago she was into Pooh but not so much any more. She was happy to have sold one thing that day. We can always use more bookends! I looked on Ebay, this set goes from anywhere from $20-$70. She charged me $3.

The Lambs also found a garage sale with a big sign up-we have stuff for BOYS! Oh, did they ever. Two teenage boys needed money so were selling everything from their childhood. Each of the Lambs spent their own money there to get their own remote control car. Then Ram had to buy rechargeable batteries for one of those cars. :)

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