Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Play tiles

My mom would often get this Playskool toy out when we had company with young children. I don't think either my sister or I played with it. The last time we visited my parents when they babysat the Lambs, there were tiles all over the dining room when we got back from our date. My mom asked me then if I wanted to take them home and I said she should leave them for something new at her house when we visit.

I thought they would also be good for Lamb 2 during vision therapy so I asked my mom to send them to us and she did. I looked and complete sets are quite expensive on Ebay. Thanks, mom and dad, for sending them to us! Now I'm the one that picks up tiles! The Lambs have enjoyed them. They have to take turns because there are only 2 boards. Usually Lamb 2 and 3 work together on one.

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