Monday, June 16, 2014

Family Fun Day

Friday we worked hard to do shopping and chores so we would have Saturday free as a family day. We don't often take a whole day off of chores/work/homeschool but there was so much to do last Saturday. We all enjoyed the day. Most of the events this day were free, we just paid for our lunch out.

The first event we went to on Saturday was all about sheep. We rode a shuttle up to the foothills of Boise. We walked around the trails. FFA members helped the Lambs do crafts. We watched the dogs herd the sheep. We ate Lamb sausage.

It was chilly and we hadn't brought jackets so we didn't stay real long. It was so fun to go  just a short drive from Boise up to the foothills and see God's neat creation.

Next we went on a candy hunt. The first summer reading library prize was for a candy hunt at an old fashioned candy store. The Lambs had to find 5 kinds of candy and they could choose any flavor, but they needed that specific kind. The store is packed full of every kind of candy that you can imagine. Even with all 5 of us looking, it took a little while to find one of them.  Each Lamb got their own little bag with those 5 kinds of candy to take home.

We ate lunch at Boise Fry Company. Our family has only been there a couple of times and it is a huge treat. We like their burgers, fries, sauce, brussel sprouts, and "homemade" soda made with honey (root beer or orange basil). It is difficult to choose what to order, but when the whole family goes you can order a couple of different fries and share.

After lunch we went to the grand opening of the Northwest Science Museum. We are so excited that a creation museum is opening in Boise! We arrived towards the end of their festivities so we didn't do everything offered.
I was hoping for a picture to remember that we came to the grand opening. The Lambs had other ideas. They were not happy to stop and pose for a picture inside the museum when they wanted to do all the fun activities outside. 

The Lambs brought along a few of their rocks from their rock collection and a geologist identified all their rocks  for them. I was so impressed that she could do that without looking in a book. Ram said that is what geologists do! Lamb 1 refused to let her put a number on his rocks with a marker so we could remember them later. Hopefully we remember what she told us!

Each Lamb got to keep one "fossil" or rock that they found in the sand. Digging was fun for them!

This volunteer was so patient with the Lambs as they painted a plaster fossil. Lamb 2 and 3 made theirs with sparkly paint, Lamb 1 made his all brown to look more realistic.

We look forward to attending more events at the Northwest Science Museum as they grow.

Next we went home and rested for a little bit. We stopped at church to set up for communion as it was my turn to do Altar Guild.

Our final event of the day was to go to a free outdoor concert at a park. I didn't take any pictures, but we enjoyed it. We brought a picnic supper and ate during the concert. The Lambs each needed a couple of bathroom breaks, but we asked them to sit and listen to the whole concert instead of go off to the playground to play. They played patriotic music and also Lord of the Rings.

Ram and I discussed how different each group of people was at each of the different events we attended in one day. Also how different people dressed for each event. The biggest contrast was most of the people at the museum were dressed very modestly with many women and girls in dresses. At the free local concert it was almost the opposite, just about anything was ok to wear and many of the women and girls had tank tops on. Everyone in our family wore the same clothes to all these events all day. 

We found out too late that another event was on Saturday morning. We would have liked to have gone to a pro-life "Celebrate Life" event, but we didn't know about it until too late. We also had already told the Lambs we would attend these other events.

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