Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lamb 1 Update

Lamb 1 finished his math book so we are allowing him to take a break from book schoolwork this summer. I am hoping for less complaints about schoolwork next school year after a summer break.
Lamb 1 had a goal to read all the Boxcar Children series. He read probably 3/4 of the series and lost interest. For the past several months he has not read anything. We were too busy with Lamb 2's therapy to worry about this. This troubled the readers of our family, especially Grandma. Grandma offered a reward, probably pieces for his train set, if he did read several books this summer that were at or above his reading level-not just reading easy books. The offer of a reward has made him read several Beverly Cleary books already this summer. I was hoping for better literature, but I am just glad to see him reading again. Perhaps after a few more Beverly Cleary he'll read something more difficult.
Lamb 1 was starting to hate practicing piano and piano lessons after 2 years of practicing all the time, even before we asked him to practice. We decided to give him the summer off of piano lessons. He is still expected to practice a couple of times a week, but he gets to choose what he wants to practice. Sometimes he just plays hymns out of the hymnal for his practice time. I am expecting him to be eager to go back to piano lessons this fall. When Lamb 2 finishes his therapy then we will consider letting Lamb 1 add another instrument, he is talking about trumpet.
This was Lamb 1's first year at track and at the beginning the drills were difficult for him. He soon found out that he is good at long distance running and made that his goal. He did bring home 2 first place (3000m, 1500m) and 2 third place ribbons in his age group. He did not have quite as much competition as Lamb 2 did, but we are so proud of his first track season. He would like to run cross country this fall and I think he will be very good at that.
When Lamb 1 was 3 years old he got caps on his 4 front top teeth. Last year he had those teeth pulled to allow room for those teeth to grow in correctly. 2 teeth already grew in that space, the other 2 have not appeared. Our dentist first said give it six months to see what happens naturally. There was no change so recently we took him to an orthodontist. The orthodontist said give it 6 more months to see what happens. I did point out that Lamb 1 was very late getting his baby teeth and perhaps it will just take time. But if nothing happens in 6 months, then we are talking braces. It has been interesting to me the communications between the orthodontist, parents, and dentist. They took several pictures of Lamb 1 and e-mailed the pictures and notes from the orthodontist to us. Heredity has not been kind to Lamb 1's mouth structure even though neither Ram or Ewe ever had braces. His mouth is just not big enough for adult teeth, just like Grandpa's!
Lamb 1 still eats very little dairy with the exception of ice cream. He recently tried some dairy free cheese and didn't like that either. He would probably have the easiest time eating Paleo but he does like his sugar and desserts so he doesn't eat total Paleo.

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