Thursday, June 12, 2014

Therapy Graduation #1

Look who graduated from speech therapy today!
Lamb 3's speech therapist said she had never had a patient that made such significant progress so quickly. He began with her last July. His original articulation score was 55.  100 is average. He obviously qualified for speech therapy last July. Today his score was 97. If he would be tested for the first time today he would not qualify for speech therapy. The few words that he mispronounced she wondered if he said them incorrectly out of habit instead of not being able to pronounce them. For example he said watches correctly but not chair. She was most impressed that he said basketball correctly. His biggest mistake was words with the letter R, but he got some of those correct too. His therapist said it was a combination of hearing Lamb 2 speak correctly and Lamb 3 turning 6 that helped his speech. After 4 years of speech therapy with Lamb 2, we are shocked that it only took one year of private speech therapy for Lamb 3.

He no longer needs to go to speech therapy, but we will encourage him to speak slowly and tell him the correct way to say words when we hear him mispronounce words. If he turns 8 and is still not pronouncing words with the letter R he will return to speech therapy for a few sessions.

It is very helpful for our schedule and financially that one graduated from one therapy. (Although we have met our deductible for this year so financially wasn't such a big deal now.) Lamb 2 is going to do several more weeks of speech therapy before we take a break. When he graduates from speech therapy we will truly have this hour free that we have taken one or both to speech therapy for the last 4 years. We are expecting Lamb 2 to be in vision therapy through this fall and perhaps OT through the end of this calendar year. We plan to take photos and celebrate each graduation from therapy for Lamb 2. We are proud of Lamb 3, but won't celebrate much until Lamb 2 also graduates from speech therapy so Lamb 2 doesn't resent still being in therapy.

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