Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Seeing" the grandparents

Ram's parents have been planning a big trip for the past several years. Once Ram's dad went to part time work (he's not fully retired yet) they decided to go. A few months ago they said they would have to celebrate Lamb 2's birthday early because they would be gone on his birthday.
Grandpa stuck his GPS in his suitcase and turned it on when they arrived. We were able to see where they were each day. I took this photo of our computer screen a few days before they returned home.

We haven't seen them since they returned home, but we look forward to looking at pictures and hearing all about their trip. I'm looking forward to hearing which was more fun, the cruise or sightseeing on land? Ram's dad really likes to take pictures so I'm sure they will have tons of beautiful ones to show us.
They had limited and slow internet access, but we were able to get the message to them that Bowe was released when they checked in with us a couple of times. Technology was great that we could see where they were without even talking/texting/e-mailing them.

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