Monday, June 9, 2014

Lamb 3 Update

I thought I would update you on each of the Lambs. I will begin with Lamb 3.

Lamb 3 has always been a picky eater, he would prefer black bean dip or guacamole to most foods that kids traditionally like such as macaroni and cheese. If we have stir fry or other main dishes, he will pick the meat out and only eat the meat-not the potatoes or veggies or pasta. The only fruits and veggies he really likes are avocado, sweet potato, apple, and banana. (Isn't it interesting that his favorite foods are the first solids he had as a baby?) About a month ago when we went out to eat he tried chicken hearts. In the last couple of weeks he has decided to try more foods. He tried tomato, lettuce, strawberry. He only asked for more lettuce, but the others he at least tried.

So much focus was on Lamb 2 with his therapy this year. Also by the 3rd child I learned a little better what areas of math to spend more time on before going on. For both of those reasons Lamb 3 did not finish his math book. In kindergarten we do the first grade math book. So it is not a problem that he did not finish. I would like him to finish either this summer or early next school year so he can begin the next book. He is capable of it, it will just mean that we need to do school this summer. He has cooperated because he knew it was just math, not more school. We will take breaks from math during swim lessons and vacation, but I'm glad we're not taking a whole summer break.

Lamb 3 has gone to speech therapy for about a year at the same time and place as Lamb 2 has his speech therapy. Lamb 2 began talking better a couple of months ago. Because Lamb 3 heard Lamb 2 speak correctly, Lamb 3 began speaking better. Lamb 3's speech teacher is going to do some testing to be sure she isn't missing anything, but Lamb 3 has mastered every sound except for "R" which isn't expected for a 6 year old. We expect Lamb 3 to graduate for speech therapy in the next couple of weeks. If he does not master "R" in the next couple of years, we will take him back for a few more sessions. Lamb 3 has mixed feelings about graduating from speech therapy. He will miss doing crafts with his speech therapist but he will be glad to not have to go to speech for an hour each week. I'm going to have to plan some fun craft time at least once week to make up for this.

Lamb 3 has really enjoyed going to the pool the few times we have already gone this year. He is looking forward to swim lessons next week. I'm hoping this summer we can take the training wheels off his bike. I would like him to ride his bike more than the other  ride on toys that we own. We'll see if my ideas work with what he wants to do!

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