Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter week

We had a whirlwind of a week Holy Week and were busy this week too.

On Holy Saturday we went to an Easter egg hunt, 3 confirmation parties, and a confirmation service.

On Easter we had a baptism at the Easter service and then we went to their house for dinner (tons of food!) and the kids played outside in the beautiful weather and we had another Easter egg hunt at their house.

Monday we tried to get caught up and make bread, yogurt, hummus, boil eggs, etc. All things that we were out of. Ram joked about all the kitchen appliances we were running at once. That night we had the military farewell service that I blogged about earlier this week.

Tuesday the Lambs came down with colds so they were disappointed we skipped ECFE.

Wednesday Ram had classes to teach and a voter's meeting. I called a friend from college and talked for several hours until it was very late at night. I only see her/talk on the phone with her once or twice a year. If we would get together more often then I wouldn't have to talk so long!

Thursday Ram had a pastor meeting and Ladies Aid.

Friday we were supposed to go to the doctor for checkups and shots for Lamb 1 and 3. With their colds I didn't want to drag them 1 1/2 hours to the doctor. Plus it would have meant a day of shopping once we were that far. So we chose to reschedule for May and stayed home. Since Ram had a free day he went to visit a member north of here about 2 hours. That meant a whole day gone. I walked to the post office with the Lambs in the beautiful weather. I made granola and cookies.

Today we finally dyed Easter eggs since we never had time before. Ram wrote his sermon.

Tomorrow we will go to church, but not Sunday School, because I didn't want the Lambs with their colds to be around the other family at Sunday School with a new baby. So far, Ram and I haven't had the colds yet. Hopefully we can all get healthy before my parents come to visit late next week. And the Lambs want to get back to their scheduled activities like ECFE and library storytime.

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