Thursday, April 16, 2009

Silly Lamb 1

I had some milk to use up before it expired so I made tapioca pudding one night and vanilla pudding the next night. It was all from scratch. I have made tapioca pudding since Lamb 1 was born, but not homemade vanilla pudding. Lamb 1 won't eat any of it even though he knows it is full of sugar. He claims sugar is his favorite food! I know that he had dairy problems, but he loves ice cream now. I tried letting him put chocolate chips on the pudding-he just ate the chocolate chips and left the pudding. This seems so strange to me, we loved it when my mom made tapioca and there were never leftovers no matter if she made a double or triple batch!This same child loves lentils, hummus, and other "different" foods. Oh well, there was more pudding for Ram, Lamb 2, and for me!

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