Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goodbye Brutus-Part 2

Background Story: Ram named his old Blazer, Brutus. In 1998 Ram had gone home from Seminary on Christmas break and got stuck in WY in a ground blizzard with his old truck. His old truck died and he had quite an adventure getting home. So after Christmas break, his parents gave him their 1996 Blazer to take back to the Seminary to have a dependable car.

I am being very sentimental about selling Brutus. Ram is glad to be done with car repairs on an old car with 167,000 miles. Here's some of my sentimental memories...
Brutus took a group of us out the first time I met Ram.
Brutus held the cookies (and my phone number) that I baked for Ram when he went home for summer break from the Seminary and when he got home he called me. (He forgot to take them with him).
Brutus picked me up for our first date.
One of our mutual friends said to me after we were engaged, "Ram is a great guy and he has a nice car too!"
Brutus drove Ram to his vicarage in Metairie, LA (and Ram even spent the night on the side of the road when Brutus broke down on the way there).
Brutus hauled many loads around town, especially when we were cleaning out my grandma's house.
Brutus drove us for our trip out West the summer after we got married.
Brutus drove us to our home here in MN-(with a full load of stuff that wasn't on the moving truck).

Ram reminded me that HE drove me, not Brutus, and there's not so much to be sentimental about. I still have good memories. I hope that our new car has some good memories too.


Dakotapam said...

I have sentimental memories of our first car took us on our first date, on our honeymoon, and drove two babies home from the hospital...ugly car, precious memories! I understand completely!

Becky said...

Oh goodness. I remember Brutus. Goodbye, Brutus. :)