Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wasting Time

During the school year I usually go to the country church so the Lambs can go to Sunday School. The tri-parish has a quarterly rotation. The church next door is always early service. The middle church and the country church rotate between the middle and late service. This is so they don't always have to be late service.
Today the Lambs still had colds so I didn't want them to be around the Sunday School kids and especially their new baby. They weren't sick enough to miss church though. Actually they are almost over their colds. So we weren't going to the country church at the middle service time.
I wanted to go to early service and just walk next door since we had that option today. I went to bed early last night (well early for me) instead of cleaning up the kitchen. I planned to go to early service, come home and clean up the kitchen, and make lunch before Ram returned home from the other two services.
I slept in and didn't get up in time to get everyone ready for early church. I still got up with plenty of time to get everyone ready and maybe clean up some of the kitchen before church. The Lambs were slow pokes and needed "help" with every step of getting out the door this morning. Help getting dressed, packing a few quiet toys for church, putting their dirty clothes down the laundry chute, putting on coats, etc. We finally made it out the door and were a few minutes early to church. At least we weren't late. But I wasted the whole morning getting ready for church instead of getting something done after church.
After church I quickly made egg salad with our dyed Easter eggs. Then I cleaned up the kitchen. Ram had a meeting to attend this afternoon. So it wasn't until 3:30pm that I had completed what I planned to have completed by 12:30pm. Plus Lamb 3 usually takes a nap around noon and his nap schedule was all messed up today. That made a fussy baby in church and not much nap for him today either.
I blogged about all this hoping that the next time I have a chance to go to early service that I'm motivated to get out of bed and not waste the morning.
On the plus side, the Lambs were pretty well behaved in church. Lamb 1 put on his seat belt plus Lamb 2's seat belt without me asking him to. And sometimes Lamb 2 goes outside without telling me. We have been working on this because this church is next to a highway. Today that didn't happen.
Now it's 4:30pm and I don't get a Sunday afternoon nap, but I'm going to start supper.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I've had days like that before! It seems like sometimes I'm behind before I even get out of bed.
Thanks for the birthday card, by the way! :-)