Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trying to catch up

While my parents are here I had a lot of projects for them and I also hoped to have time to work on some projects myself while I had them babysit. Lamb 3 has been pretty sick and not sleeping well either. My mom got a sinus infection and my dad got a sore throat-probably caught germs from us. Tonight was the first time my mom felt well enough to work on some projects. My dad didn't do much today as he just didn't feel well enough.
I worked for a long time in "my" room tonight. I had a pile of scrapbook stuff-stickers, memorabilia to scrapbook, photos, etc. to organize. I knew I was behind when I had some 3 year old birthday cards in the pile. Lamb 1 is the only Lamb that has turned 3 and he just turned 5! I got most of it organized tonight. I did run out of room in the folder I was organizing Lamb 1's. I didn't quite finish organizing my new stickers.
I worked on this tonight in anticipation of going scrapbooking all day this Saturday. I'm trying not to get my hopes up because if one of the Lambs is ill I won't be able to go. At least I'll be organized for the next time. Hopefully I can finish the organizing before Saturday so I get to spend time scrapbooking instead of organizing.

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