Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Farewell Troops

The last two Mondays we have attended church services at LCMS churches for the military in the area that are being deployed on Sunday. The first one, Ram assisted with the liturgy. We have two members being deployed from two of our churches in our tri-parish. The second one, Rev. Smith did the whole service. It was difficult for him because his son is one of the ones being deployed. Here is their family.

These 5 are all members of the same church being deployed. That is a lot from one small church.
We were a little late to the second service and it should have been easier for me because Ram was in the pew with me. But Lamb 2 didn't feel well AND none of the Lambs are used to Ram in the pew AND this was the 7th service the Lambs attended in 9 days. So I wasn't able to hear everything. But from what I did hear, it struck me that not only do our troops really need our prayers now but our country also needs our prayers.
Here is the hymn we sang from the Armed Forces Hymnal.
Lord, guard and guide all those who fly
And those who on the ocean ply
Be with our troops upon the land
And all who for their country stand;
Protect our nation day and night
And may our trust be in Your might.
Watch o'er our cities; guard our skies
And calm our fears in trying times.
Console the families suffering loss;
Help us to bear their heavy cross.
Give us the will to do our share
For lands and people in despair.
Oh may our nation always be
A torch aflame with liberty,
A haven for the dispossessed,
A land that welcomes many guests.
And may we keep our motto strong
"In God We Trust" be e'er our song.

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Joy said...

Amen and Amen.