Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goodbye Brutus-Part 1

Ram bought a new car in February-(another post on that later)-and we were too busy to try to advertise to sell Ram's old Blazer. We had it parked out front of the house and a lady in town talked to us about buying it for her grandson. The problem was that the car didn't start a few weeks ago. So we spent $850 to get the car repaired and then sold it for $1800. At least we didn't give the car away! We feel good that we sold it to her in good condition. Her grandson is 17 and he will have to work at a summer job to pay his grandma back. I can't imagine having a car at age 17, nor the responsibility of paying car insurance, gas, etc.
So on Thursday, we had to hurry to clean the car out of junk that accumulated in there since Ram got the car from his parents in 1998. We should have done it after we got the new car, but we've been so busy that our first chance was then. Ram cleaned it all out and vacuumed it and the buyer came over and took it for a test drive and paid us for it. On Friday we went to the license branch to do that paperwork and dropped the car insurance. We are glad to check those duties off of our to do list. We are glad to not have to pour any more money into the Blazer for repairs too.

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