Wednesday, September 2, 2009


When I was little my mom always said she never wanted a mansion because she wouldn't want to clean that much house. Never mind that most people that have a mansion have others to do the cleaning! Sometimes doing both yardwork and inside housekeeping seems overwhelming to me. We even have someone else to mow our grass and I still feel that way!
When I was single and when we were newlyweds, we lived in a 800 square foot house. I could easily do all the cleaning (dusting, vacuuming etc.-not decluttering) of the kitchen, one bathroom, 2 bedrooms, one main other room-all the cleaning of the whole house in one day.
I spent last Thursday, the entire day, cleaning the living room. I spent yesterday, the entire day cleaning our bedroom and cleaning out my closet. I have several interruptions, especially since Lamb 2 is in the middle of potty training, but it's clear to me, that I'm doing well if I get ONE room cleaned in a day. Our parsonage has 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, living/dining room, eating area, kitchen, Ram's office, old garage, new 2 car garage, and full basement which we use as a play area. I have been trying to clean the entire house well because I know it won't be cleaned this well again until next summer. I'm sure getting my exercise too. I haven't kept track of when I started my cleaning the whole house project, and I'm also trying to declutter and other life interruptions, but this is at least a month project at this rate!
As I clean, I try to be thankful by how blessed we are to live here. If we move, we will probably never have this large of a house again.


Dakotapam said...

cleaning is a full time, never ending job.

kimberley said...

i'm tired just reading it!:)