Thursday, December 10, 2009


Lamb 1 loves calendars. He also loves clocks but that is another post. Ram's aunt e-mailed that Ram's cousin would like birthday cards for her birthday. His aunt accidentally typed the wrong date for her birthday. Right away, when I told Lamb 1 that her birthday was on Monday, Dec. 18, Lamb 1 corrected me that Monday was December 14. Ram's aunt had to e-mail all the family again with Joshua's correction.
Ram picked up a free pocket calendar a few days ago for Lamb 1. He has had the most fun filling out his calendar with important dates for him. He already has memorized the days of the week our family birthdays are next year. He was so excited because his new calendar has December 2009, all 2010, and it even has January 2011! He is set for the next year. He has written everyone in our family (including grandparents) birthdays and other holidays.
Lamb 1 pointed out to me that Lamb 3's birthday is on Good Friday next year. He's only 2 so he won't know if we celebrate on a different day. We normally just celebrate birthdays as a family, the Lambs have never had a kid birthday party. So it won't really matter this time. With Ram being a pastor, we won't have time for a birthday party until after Easter.
Of course Lamb 1 also pointed out that his baptism birthday is on Easter next year. Lamb 1 said, "I'm so excited that my baptism birthday is on a Sunday and Easter too!"
Lamb 1's love of calendars has been very good for homeschooling. Every morning we write on the calendar the weather (5 degrees F this morning) and major events for the day (today it says school, Papa pastor meeting, Ladies Aid Christmas Party). In Lamb 1's new calendar he wrote nearly all our family names and the holidays only asking how to spell a few words. When I was teaching we had a math meeting every morning and talked about the date, weather, etc. Lamb 1 has done this on his own with his own calendar. He also studied the calendar for each month and how many days that month had. I tried teaching him 30 days hath September...he stopped me and said he already knew how many days were in all the months!

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Dakotapam said...

I'm impressed...I forget birthdays and Ethan (5) is the only child so far even halfway concerned about what day of the week it is!