Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Week

1. It is so odd to be a homeschool parent vs. a classroom teacher. The beginning of December we were very busy, but last week we had almost no extra events. This is the complete opposite of when I taught in a classroom. As a classroom teacher I stayed up way too late finishing making ornaments for my students and doing tasks like that right before Christmas vacation. We also were really busy preparing for the church Christmas Eve service, the church Advent service, and our fun day before Christmas vacation program. Plus we made presents for the parents and had extra field trips to see gingerbread houses and go to the Nutcracker ballet.
2. I am so thankful that we homeschool during this busy time of year. As much fun as it would be to see Lamb 1 in a school program, I think he would freak out and/or not participate. I was talking to a parent that was worried about what to do with her baby while she went to her older children's programs. She wanted her baby in bed long before the programs started. We would have the same problem with Lamb 3 if Lamb 1 was in school. Our schedule and routine has been really different this whole month. I can't imagine trying to get Lamb 1 up early the next morning after church or other events. He would be so upset if he missed some events because he had school. Our whole family went Christmas caroling at the nursing home on a Thursday night and the residents loved to see our boys. We wouldn't be able to do that if Lamb 1 was in school. We have skipped school a few days this month because of other activities, but overall we have done quite a bit of school in December. I know we did more in homeschool than I did when I was teaching in a classroom.
3. This post talked about what I bring when we travel on day trips. Angie commented that she doesn't take that much and she has twice as many kids. That post was an exception because we also had photos taken at Sears. But I usually take a lot. Last year weather caused us to get stuck overnight at my Looper friend Melanie's after what was supposed to be a day trip. Ram and I didn't have any extra clothes for ourselves, but I had plenty of diapers and clothes for the Lambs in what I had packed in the diaper bag. Lamb 2 still has potty accidents so I take extra extra clothes for him, but I take extra clothes for Lamb 1 and 3 too. Plus I often take pajamas and change the boys before we start driving home. Then we just have to transfer them from the car to bed. Ram's mom gave me that tip.
One thing I feel guilty about sometimes is that on our day trips once or twice a month we usually eat out both meals. I think that I should pack a lunch for one of those times to save money and eat healthier. But then I remember that we rarely eat out besides our day trips. And I'm packing so much else that I don't want to mess with making a lunch too. Plus I think about how much we accomplish in one or two days a month. (usually doctor or dentist appointment, sometimes Ram visit someone in the hospital, all our grocery and other shopping, sometimes Sears photos)
4. The doctor couldn't tell from my x-rays if my fingertip was fractured or not. So I basically wasted my time and money going to the doctor last Wednesday. I knew that either my fingertip was broken or it wasn't before I even went to the doctor! But she gave me a splint that has helped a lot and my finger feels a little better every day. The doctor did warn me to take the splint off several times a day so my finger doesn't get stiff. This has been easy to take it off to do dishes etc. and give it a little break.

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