Friday, December 11, 2009

Feminine Product Advertising

Normally I wouldn't blog about something so personal, but my sister doesn't use Always and my MIL and mom are both thankful to be done with using feminine products so I don't know who else to "talk" about this with besides you blog readers.

When it was close to when each of my boys were born, I stocked up on feminine products. We live too far away from shopping and I didn't want to bother Ram with buying that when we had a newborn (even though it wouldn't bother him to buy them). With nursing I still haven't gone through my stash I bought before Lamb 3 was born. Maybe what I noticed today has been in these packages for a few years and I just noticed it. Plus we don't have TV any more so I don't see advertisements like this any more.

When I opened up a new package of Always today, the tab you remove by the sticky part said in both English and in French, "Have a happy period."

I can only imagine how painful it must be for women to read that statement that are trying to get pregnant and/or having a miscarriage. I'm thankful I opened up that package today instead of a couple months ago.

I'm really close to buying cloth feminine products after this.

UPDATE: I e-mailed Always and they responded and to my surprise it was not a form letter. It basically said they were sorry I was offended by this statement and they would let their marketing team know what I said.

After thinking about this for a day, maybe I did take it a little too personally. But every woman who is using this product is going to have major hormones and take everything too personally at the time of the month that they would read this statement!


Dakotapam said...

I never liked that comment anyway...what is happy about a period? Really? It is generally uncomfortable at the very least. I've used cloth products in the past...if I was washing diapers anyway...otherwise, it is a bit of a hassle laundry wise...

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