Monday, December 7, 2009

Honest Side

My dad read my post from Saturday and said it is wonderful for me to give that good attitude to Ram and the Lambs. Pam left a comment about my Advent post. So I thought that I should share this side of me in a post today.

The night before Thanksgiving I totally lost it after the Lambs went to bed. We didn't plan enough time to get everyone dressed and over the alley. If Ram didn't speed, we would have been late to church (never a good thing for the pastor). I foolishly let all 3 Lambs outside in their church shoes and thought if we carried them over the alley, they wouldn't get muddy. All 3 Lambs had mud all over their shoes. We had wiped our shoes on the sidewalk each time we went across the alley, and they walked in that as they walked down the sidewalk. I tried to hurry to clean Lamb 3's shoes before church and made Lamb 1 and 2 wear just their socks for church. When the one other mom with kids our age came in while I was cleaning the shoes, she heard an earful from me about our town situation. When we went upstairs, Lamb 1 lost it because he didn't want to wear no shoes-why did I clean Lamb 3's but not his? Ram's parents were barely on time to church-they had spent their "rest time" cleaning their shoes!
I had Ram's parents to help me during church so the Lambs did well after I calmed Lamb 1 down. Afterwards we had a yummy potluck. But then we had to get everyone's coats and muddy shoes on again. I lost my patience and temper several times before everyone was out to the car. After all that Lamb 2 took his shoes off in the car and I yelled at him. Then I was the mean mama that made them go to bed without one more minute of play time-straight to bed when we got home.
We then received the answering machine message that our friends were going to be able to join us for Thanksgiving. I was glad they were coming, but frustrated that they would have to go through the mud to come.
After the boys went to bed, I cried to Ram. How much longer are they going to be working? It's getting cold-I want to park in my garage. Lamb 1, 2, and Ewe all have pretty new shoes that are ruined by the mud. I'm sick of vacuuming the carpet and it's still muddy and a few minutes later it's muddy again. I would have liked to have gone to church on Thanksgiving Day, but it was too complicated to get the Lambs over the mud. We hadn't started to get the turkey ready to put in the oven yet. I was a mean mama and lost my temper and patience too many times with the Lambs because of the mud. And I continued...
Ram calmed me down and told me it didn't matter if we had to buy new shoes or shampoo the carpet. He didn't mind if he went to church by himself on Thursday. After I was done crying he would get the turkey ready. Every mama loses their temper once and awhile. And he continued to calm me down...
After spending a little time with Ram, I went back to vacuuming the carpet and tried to get to bed early. I decided at that point to try to do better about the whole mud situation. So it was hard to contain my excitement when they really were back to working in front of our house. And when they dumped gravel it was really joyous.
So there is the rest of the story. I'm human and I lose my temper too!


Dakotapam said...

I would have lost it as well...and so much worse I'm sure! WE had road construction all summer. We had to park a block away, uphill, across a busy street. I was just thankful that we were not driving to school every day at that point. But I tended to avoid leaving home...ugh. And our house was filthy from all of the dirt and work going on outside.We had to get our vents cleaned. I'm so glad you got your gravel!

The Mama said...

That sounds like a really justifiable reason to get mad!