Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy St. Nick Day! and Weekly School Report

The Lambs awoke to this after we read Saint Nicholas before bed the last two nights. We taught the Lambs that St. Nick was real. When the boys see Santa on Christmas lights or in pictures, they call him St. Nick. We have never talked about Santa Claus in our house. If people in church ask the boys about Santa, I usually tell the boys they are talking about St. Nick. The past few years we have gotten the boys one present for each of them from us for St. Nick Day. Ram's mom gives them so much for Christmas that we don't give them anything then. But this year we decided to just do the chocolate coins like the book talked about, and save their present from us for Epiphany.

I believe this is our 11th week of school. We did all of school except for math and handwriting on Monday on the way to the Twin Cities. It works well to do Latin and catechism CDs while we drive. We also read aloud and did poetry and phonics. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we were busy with Christmas activities already and didn't have school. Friday and Saturday we had complete days of school. Here's what we did accomplish this week:
Math: Lamb 1 was presented with a totally new concept for him-adding twos. It was difficult for him at first. But as we continued to work on it, he blew me away with his thinking. The problem was 5+2= what? Lamb 1 placed a 3 block and a 4 block. Instead of just placing a 7 block, he was making up more math problems! We worked on this lesson adding twos all week and will continue next week.
Also, Lamb 1 taught himself to tell time quite a while ago. When we were in the Cities he begged us to buy him a mantle clock for his room. It was only $3.99 so we bought it for him. It is cheap and probably won't last long-especially considering his brothers. He has been so happy to check the time in his room-almost every minute.
Reading: We are taking off December from Five in a Row. We will continue in January. We read several My Book House stories. We are almost done with volume 2, just reading one story a day. The end of the book has several Christmas poems and stories so we seemed to time it right! We have continued reading poems daily and memorizing Psalm 23.
Religion: We have done well listening to the catechism CD either in the car or at home daily. We have worked on the first 8 commandments. We did the Bible stories of Zechariah and the angel coming to Mary. For memory we did Psalm 91:11 for Sunday School.
Phonics: We continue to review the vowels and consonants. Lamb 1 is doing really well reading the simple sentences like Dan can pat the cat. Lamb 2 is not reading yet, but I'm happy if he continues to review the vowels and consonants and will expect more of him next year.
Outside time: Lamb 1 and 2 have enjoyed playing in the snow when it wasn't too cold. We haven't had much snow but it's enough to make them happy.
Art: We made a Christmas tree out of paper, glitter, and all kinds of art supplies at the ECFE Christmas party.
Latin: We continue Prima Latina and the Lambs are doing really well with their vocabulary words. We have worked on the first 5 lessons.
History: We read quite a few books about the first Thanksgiving the week before last.
Handwriting: I have been working with Lamb 1 to slowly review each of the letters, but upper and lowercase. We have done letters Aa-Dd this way. He is improving even if we are taking it slow.

I couldn't believe how busy last week was with so many Christmas activities already. This coming week also looks to be quite busy! I am so thankful that we can homeschool so Lamb 1 didn't have to miss an afternoon Christmas party while the rest of us went to one on Thursday. We also have had quite the routine and schedule change between the grandparents visiting, our day trips for shopping and errands, and Christmas activities starting already. I can't imagine trying to get Lamb 1 up for school after several late nights or skipping events like church for Advent services so he could get enough sleep before school. The only day that I wake the Lambs up is on Sunday-they sleep until they are ready to get up the rest of the days. 3 days of last week we were unable to have school with all the other activities. We still had school 3 days last week. I don't know when I would fit in my busy schedule last week to take Lamb 1 to school (or at least to the bus stop) and to pick him up. And with the work in our town that would have been a major pain twice a day! All this added up makes me realize how blessed we are to homeschool. In January when we don't want to go outside, perhaps we'll do a few extra lessons to make up for December.

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