Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

What I pack to go 1 1/2 hours away for a day-not overnight:
*coats, hats, mittens, shoes for everyone
*1 school bag-last Monday we didn't end up doing school in the car
*1 purse (including shopping list and coupons)
*2 diaper bags (including Tylenol for shots 2 Lambs got)
*1 bag clothes in case of potty accidents
*1 bag clothes for photos at Sears
*1 scrapbook to show the manager at Sears-she ended up leaving work before I showed her
*3 bags toys and books (Lambs packed themselves)
*1 bag rice milk and water
Not pictured:
*1 bag ice for cooler for groceries to get home

Last Sunday there was an event at an area church. One of the ladies from our church was trying to talk me into going with her. I told her I would love to go, but I just didn't see how it was possible with our trip the next day. She couldn't figure out why I couldn't go to something that day when I was going "just to the town 1 1/2 hours away" the following day. Not only did I have to pack all this up-but I had to pack when no one was sleeping or napping in the boy's room where most of this was.
This has been my life for the last 6 1/2 years. After living in the second largest town in Indiana, I never imagined I would live so far away from a big grocery store, doctor, Walmart, Target, Menards, and Sears photo. Nor that I have to go 3-4 hours to go to more stores than that or to a mall. I continually have a shopping list going because I never know when I will be able to get to a big town. Our pantry is usually overflowing because we are not able to make a quick run to a store to get one more ingredient. There is a small grocery store that is 7 miles away. We do try to shop local, but we do the majority of our shopping at a bigger town or online.
I have found it nice to get the shopping done in 1 or 2 days a month. I don't know if we ever move to a bigger town if I will continue shopping this way or shop more often. It would be nice to go shopping without the Lambs some time though!

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Angie said...

Oh. My. :) I don't pack that much for our day trips, and I have twice as many kids! :) Just my purse & knitting bag; the kids are allowed to pack a small bag each or not (the older ones often just grab a book). The diaper bag (which is small) is always kept in the 'burb, as well as an insulated bag and canvas shopping bags. I only pack extra extra britches for newly potty trained.