Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keeping the post office open

A few years ago there was some talk of closing our local post office. Thankfully that has not happened yet. We would have a difficult time because we get so much mail for both us and the church that it often doesn't fit in a regular post office box. If the post office closed they would still not deliver our mail. If it didn't fit in the post office box we would have to drive 7 miles to pick up our mail. This is so different than the delivery to my house that I grew up with in a large town.
In order to try to save our local post office, I always buy stamps there and always ship packages from there. It is also more convenient than driving 7 miles to UPS or 1 1/2 hours to Fed Ex.

Here's what I shipped in the last week:
1 huge Christmas box to my parents and sister
1 small Christmas box to Ram's parents and grandparents
1 small package to my sister
1 small Christmas present to a Looper friend
1 wedding present
1 box to Thailand to a missionary friend
9 baby presents-It seems like all my friends and Loopers had babies this year! 1 of these went to Canada.

I also bought 200 stamps to send Christmas cards and to use for our own postage. I ordered the present for our family Christmas exchange and for my goddaughter online and had them sent to them directly or I would have mailed those too.

I know people have been complaining about how expensive it is to ship things now. I am amazed that I can walk two blocks and send something from my small post office and in a few weeks it will get to Thailand for what is not really a lot of money. Same thing for even mailing to Ram's grandparents in CA-they often get mail 1 or 2 days after I send it. There is no way that I can spend Christmas with the people I sent gifts. I probably won't see any of the people I sent baby presents to in the next year. I'll gladly spend a few dollars to get the gifts there. We are blessed to live in a country that we can ship items safely and relatively cheaply and they are guaranteed to arrive.

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