Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wonderful day yesterday

First, one of my birthday presents came in the mail. Ram's parents said I could buy something I needed. I chose the warmest rated coat that Land's End sold. The catalog said it was sold out in this green pattern, but on the internet it was available. I hit a sale (they have them all the time!) with 25% off and free shipping. Thank you, Ram's parents!

Next, I wore my new coat to the chiropractor and the receptionist said my coat was cute. Plus, I love to go to the chiropractor all by myself. I love the almost an hour to drive there and listen to talk radio instead of kids music, get my treatment in peace and quiet, and drive home.

For supper we made homemade pizza and the Lambs love to make pizza. I have to have the only children that 2 out of 3 Lambs didn't like supper. Lamb 3 wouldn't take one bite. Lamb 2 loved it but only ate half of his. Lamb 1 hated it but ate it all because he was hungry and knew nothing else would be offered.

We had a little talk before clean up time last night and it went better than it has gone for a long time. We have had trouble with Lamb 2 helping recently. But yesterday, after the talk, with some kids music on, everyone helped and the huge mess was cleaned up fairly quickly. We ended the day with the Lambs by reading a book about St. Nicholas to get ready for Sunday.

But here is a photo of the best part of yesterday!

See the gravel in front of our garage? They went a little beyond our garage with gravel. We will be able to park in our garage soon after 2 months of being unable to. I baked cookies and had Ram take them out to the workers. On Thursday they had put some fresh dirt down. I was so happy they were attempting to make the roads drivable that I gave them cookies. A little while after the cookies then they delivered gravel. I know that was coincidence, but I'm almost willing to give them more cookies so they work some more in our town.
I know I have blogged about this a little, but it was so frustrating to not be able to park in our garage. It seemed like the few times I drove by myself were the ones that 2 Lambs would fall asleep on the drive home and I couldn't carry 2 Lambs by myself, nor could I leave 1 Lamb in the car by himself when he was a block away from our house. We only went major shopping a few times in the last month, but it was no fun to carry all the Costco shopping when we couldn't park in the garage. I am so tired of needing 2 or 3 pairs of shoes for each of us every time we leave the house (muddy and not muddy). And don't even get me started about the mud in our house-even though we took our shoes off as soon as we got inside, we still will have to shampoo our carpets after 2 months of this. There is no place by our back door to change shoes so everyone loses their temper every time we go someplace and then again when we get home. I recently bought myself and Lamb 1 and 2 new shoes from Lands End and they are so muddy that I don't know if it is possible to get them completely clean.
Anyway, the workers on our road were a joyous site for us. We may really be at the end of this mess in our town. It is wonderful to not have to wait until spring! We didn't move our cars so they are still out in 12 degrees, but hopefully we can move them back to their homes in the garage soon.

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